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Cover for GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance
Published: 18th September 2019 | By:
GDPR is now a reality and sanctions are starting to bite. What should organisations be doing?

Cover for Data Quality

Data Quality
Published: 13th August 2019 | By: and
This document provides a snapshot of the current state of the Data Quality market.

Cover for Hybrid real-time data processing

Hybrid real-time data processing
Published: 24th June 2019 | By:
There are multiple ways in which databases that support real-time operational/transactional and analytic processing may be implemented. This report compares representative samples of each.

Cover for Test Data Management

Test Data Management
Published: 11th June 2019 | By:
This Market Update discusses the test data management space and evaluates and compares the products therein.

Cover for Data Warehouse Automation

Data Warehouse Automation
Published: 13th February 2019 | By: and
This Market Update covers best-of-breed products for data warehouse automation (DWA) and data lake automation (DLA).

Cover for Graph Database Market Update 2019

Graph Database Market Update 2019
Published: 5th February 2019 | By: and
This is the third Market Update into the graph database market, considering and comparing both property graph and RDF databases.

Cover for Low-Code/No-Code Development

Low-Code/No-Code Development
Published: 9th January 2019 | By:
This report discusses the Low-Code and No-Code Development spaces and evaluates several leading low-code and no-code development products.

Cover for Enterprise Service Virtualisation

Enterprise Service Virtualisation
Published: 17th December 2018 | By:
This report discusses the service virtualisation space and evaluates the products therein.

Cover for Streaming Analytics 2018

Streaming Analytics 2018
Published: 7th December 2018 | By: and
This Market Update considers both stream processing platforms upon which you might build analytics as well as streaming analytics platforms per se.

Cover for Spreadsheet Management and Governance

Spreadsheet Management and Governance
Published: 3rd July 2018 | By:
Growing regulatory requirements mean increased governance requirements for spreadsheets. This report look at the latest trends in the market as well as the leading products.

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