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Java platforms from Azul and Oracle - Focusing on security, performance and value-add

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Both Oracle and Azul produce high quality implementations of the OpenJDK with, in addition, effective enterprise-strength “no pause” performance Java offerings. Both separate security patches from other patches and updates, which makes it easier to maintain Java security. With use cases that suit the Azul approach to performance Java, which we think would be common in business Java applications, Azul claims to improve throughput by up to 2X or more compared to Oracle Java, while maintaining service level expectations and improving code execution speed by up to 20%-50% or more, all without changing a line of code. But this is not the whole story – some applications (such as serverless computing) may suit Oracle’s GraalVM’s approach. Ultimately, you will need to carry out your own Proof of Concept studies with your own data and a serious (but preferably not critical) application. And, company support and sales/licensing policies may be an issue for some people with Oracle.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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