Where’s the value in using the Mutable Business™ framework?  Today’s business landscape has never been more challenging.  Since 1985 we’ve characterised it as VUCA which stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, but we are in the middle of a shift from linear thinking to needing exponential thinking. VUCA has evolved to BANI which stands for brittle, anxious, nonlinear, and incomprehensible. You need to think and do something different than business as usual.

Whatever industry sector you are in, we can guarantee that your business model is under threat by some smarter organisation using software, hardware, algorithms, and the internet in a different way, with a new business model, to disrupt you and steal your market.  The value is in survival. The value is in doing more with less.

As Darwin’s thinking told us, it is the most adaptable that survive. Our framework helps you take a fresh look at your business approach, your people and leadership style, and the technology you deploy. It asks you to rethink your stakeholder engagement, deploy Design Thinking and recognise that trust is at the heart of all commerce.

Our research confirmed by Leading Digital by George Westerman, Didier Bonnet & Andrew McAfee shows that the digitally savvy organisations that get this right generate more revenue, more profits and are worth more on the stock market. If you apply the Mutable Business™ framework properly you can work with the speed of a start up at the scale of an enterprise.