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Cover for The Intelligent Enterprise

The Intelligent Enterprise
Published: 1st November 2000 | By:
This report considers some of the trends and technologies that are emerging in the BI space with the move from the enterprise to the e-nterprise. In addition, there are some issues that have not been properly addressed in the past…

Cover for eConstructing the Enterprise

eConstructing the Enterprise
Published: 1st July 2000 | By: Jon Collins
Since the publication of The Enterprise by Other Means, there have been several technological advances that are further transforming the landscape of computing. These include progress in broadband and wireless telecommunications, the creation and acceptance of new device types and…

Cover for Distributed Systems Management Tools

Distributed Systems Management Tools
Published: 1st December 1998 | By: Steve Barrie
This report is aimed at those readers who need to understand what systems management involves, the problems that may be encountered and which products may be suitable for their purposes. It is not intended to make any product selections on…

Cover for Business Intelligence through Data Mining

Business Intelligence through Data Mining
Published: 1st September 1998 | By: Therese Cory
Data mining is the newest and the most intriguing tool to take its place in the constellation of business intelligence tools used for examining the contents of a data warehouse. It helps organisations to make more informed business decisions and…

Cover for The Gene Machine

The Gene Machine
Published: 1st February 1998 | By:
This report is intended to serve only as an introduction to the concept of the Genetix Universal Turing Machine and not as an instruction manual on how to program it. Thus it is aimed at those who are interested in…

Cover for eRoad

Published: 1st January 1998 | By:
To inform the reader about the nature of the Internet and how business is being and will be carried out on the Internet. It has been written for the current generation of business men who are faced with the most…

Cover for Database

Published: 1st January 1998 | By: Rob Hailstone and
This report examines the database technology which is available for managing application requirements which are not accommodated adequately by the relational model. While hardly a formal definition, the relational model can – for these purposes – be summarised as the…

Cover for The Realities of O/S Scalability

The Realities of O/S Scalability
Published: 1st January 1998 | By: Bloor Research
This report is about the scalability of operating systems. What we have examined and benchmarked is the behaviour of four of the most popular operating systems and in doing so we are able to rate them against each other.

Cover for The Realities of Network Computing

The Realities of Network Computing
Published: 1st January 1998 | By: Roger Adams and Dave Singleton
This report provides a comprehensive guide to the hardware and software options available to your organisation now and in the future. It identifies the basic issues of network computing so that you can understand where you are now, where you…

Cover for Testing Tools

Testing Tools
Published: 1st January 1998 | By: Therese Cory
The report provides a guide to the issues surrounding software testing tools, including quality, methods of testing and Year 2000 problems. It will be invaluable in making a preliminary selection of appropriate tools. It is important to build on this…

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