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Identity Management

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Classification: Research Report

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Identity management is now a business imperative. Corporate communications have evolved into distributed networks with multiple points of access to a variety of integrated business applications. But they typically lack standardisation in defining identities and associated access rights. This leaves gaps in security that some may exploit to gain unauthorised access or steal this identity and access information (‘identity theft’).

Moreover, these points of access are constantly changing, with workers no longer tied to an office PC but communicating from anywhere via a PDA or laptop for instance. This has created many new points of security vulnerability. Sadly, it has become common for new employees to wait weeks for access to all functions across all media, reducing productivity. Yet the cost of ensuring these employees correct access rights is spiralling.

The only practical long-term solution handling all these issues is standardised identity management software that automates provision as far as possible. By this method time-delays, administration and ongoing costs can all be drastically reduced – and productivity enhanced. Bloor’s Fran Howarth has completed an in-depth investigation of the Identity Management software market, the software available and its strengths and weaknesses, and what to look for to meet your own business needs. Required reading if any of these issues apply to your business.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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