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QPR Software

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Analyst Coverage: Simon Holloway

QPR Software Group has three companies providing software and/or services: mother company QPR Software Plc and subsidiaries OOO QPR Software Oy and Nobultec Ltd. Their headquarters are in Helsinki, Finland and they sell direct only in Finland, Russia and CIS countries, using a network of local partners in over 50 countries worldwide to sell and distribute elsewhere. QPR Software Plc is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd (ticker QPR1V). The Company’s product development focuses on further development of existing products and building innovations aimed at process development. QPR is a Gold Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Microsoft partner and a SAP Community Level Consultancy partner

The QPR Software product family consists of:

  • QPR ProcessAnalyzer – this is QPR’s ABPD product.
  • QPR EnterpriseArchitect – this is QPR’s process modelling designer tool.
  • QPR ProcessDesigner – this is the process modelling tool supporting BPMN standards.
  • QPR Metrics – this is QPR’s analytics tool.
  • QPR ProcessXpress – this is a cut-down version of QPR ProcessDesigner.
  • QPR FactView – is business-user oriented add-on analysis tool for QPR Metrics and/or QPR ProcessDesigner
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Company Info

Telephone: +358 290 001 150

Company Links

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QPR Software publish their interim report for 2016

QPR Software issued their interim report for the time frame of January to September 2016.
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QPR release new version of their BPM Suite

PR have released the new version of QPR Suite 2016.
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QPR release a decision making tool that fits in your pocket

QPR Software have just announced the launch of QPR MobileDashboard, an application that makes it easier to access and browse actionable performance information
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QPR Software sign another Process Mining partner

QPR Software and PricewaterhouseCoopers Portugal have signed a consulting agreement on using QPR ProcessAnalyzer software
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QPR introduces advanced application portfolio, HR and risk management support with the new QPR ODM Template

QPR Software have announced the release of its enhanced QPR ODM Template version 2014.2
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QPR Software sees enterprise architecture market in Europe increasing

QPR Software outlook shows a growing market in Finland and Europe
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QPR EAXpress version 2014 is out

QPR have announced the release of their new version of QPR EAXpress
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QPR announce another SI relationship

QPR Software and Tieto, the largest Nordic IT services company, have signed a cooperation agreement.
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QPR 2014 now released

Announced in November 2013, QPR has released QPR Suite 2014, including QPR EnterpriseArchitect, QPR ProcessDesigner, QPR Metrics and QPR ProcessAnalyzer.
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QPR Software announce new release of QPR suite

QPR Software announced on November 14th 2013 that it will start distributing the new 2014 version of QPR Suite on January 8th 2014
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QPR Software launch standalone version of QPR EnterpriseArchitect

QPR Software has announced the launch of QPR EAXpress, a new software tool offering the benefits of QPR EnterpriseArchitect as a standalone version.
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QPR Software and CGI form process analysis partnership

QPR Software announced today that they are to build a partnership with CGI to provide a process analysis service in Finland. This partnership will be based around QPR’s ProcessAnalyzer tool.
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