Another ABPD move from QPR Software

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QPR Software announced on February 23rd the launch its Automated Business Process Discovery solution for Using data logged by QPR ProcessAnalyzer provides a view of the actual sales process. The solution provides up-to-date information about typical sales paths and displays process performance metrics. With increased insight, companies are able to manage their sales processes better and increase sales.

Sami Tähtinen, Vice President of Products and Technology at QPR Software, said “Companies put a lot of effort into coaching and managing their sales force, but up until now there has been few ways to directly and objectively assess the sales process. With QPR ProcessAnalyzer for, companies have for the first time complete insight into their sales efforts”

By ‘reverse-engineering’ data logged by, QPR ProcessAnalyzer is able to re-create the sales processes the way it is actually used by the real business users. The analysis includes paths, process flowcharts and process variations. They come spiced with durations, transition times and other process performance metrics. Results are easily compared and benchmarked using background variables such as sales team, product, point in time, and customer.

With this information, companies are able to answer sales management questions such as:

  • In which stages of the sales process do we face challenges?
  • What cause & effect chains typically exist for lost & won deals?
  • What are the real durations between different stages of the sales process?
  • What are the real closing probabilities for different opportunities in different stages?

This is the second ABPD solution that QPR have launched; the first being for SAP (see QPR Software add SAP specific version to ProcessAnalyzer). QPR are really forging ahead in the ABPD market by building solutions based on their ProcessAnalyzer product related to major application packages. This latest is interesting because it deals with an application that is in the cloud rather than in-house. My belief is that QPR are taking this market full-on and have identified a way that is vital to many organisation that need to revitalise their current processes embedded in their application portfolio.