QPR Software and CGI form process analysis partnership

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QPR Software announced today that they are to build a partnership with CGI to provide a process analysis service in Finland. This partnership will be based around QPR’s ProcessAnalyzer tool. The initial scope of the partnership covers the provision of a process analysis service for CGI’s customers in Finland, using their accounts payable and ERP systems, Rondo and V10 respectively, as well as Kuntamalli solution (the ‘Council model’) which is designed for public sector organizations and encompasses several CGI software products.

Jari Jaakkola, CEO of QPR Software. stated, “Partnership with CGI strengthens our international partner strategy and further drives the adoption of our ABPD software product, QPR ProcessAnalyzer. We are proud to join forces with such a distinguished service company and provide CGI with the means to expand their service portfolio. The process analysis service will enable CGI’s customers to see the real state of their processes and, with the help of CGI, realize cost reductions through improved processes”,

Mervi Lahti, Director, Midmarket Solutions CGI Finland, said, “We immediately recognized the benefits that QPR ProcessAnalyzer could bring to our current service portfolio in Finland. It gives a completely new dimension to our traditional consulting services as it brings process facts to the development work, in addition to being a clear differentiator when building a new process analysis service. Our strategy is twofold as we will use the software to provide a service to our existing customers, analyzing the usage of our own ERP and other business support systems as well as include it as a part of our operational development consultancy portfolio. We have already conducted few customer trials and the results have been excellent”

QPR Software have been, since the introduction of ProcessAnalyzer, rapidly developing their services in this niche marketplace. It will be interesting to see if CGI take this partnership further into other countries in Europe and the world. If they do, this will extend the world penetration of QPR.