QPR Software and ProcessGold enter strategic partnership

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QPR Software continues their development of the Automated Business Process Discovery (ABPD) market by announcing on October 17th a strategic partnership agreement with ProcessGold. ProcessGold are a German-based company that specialise in process mining and ABPD.

The partnership involves resale rights of QPR ProcessAnalyzer for ProcessGold, sharing of best practices and other co-operation initiatives. ProcessGold will bring its expertise from applying Process Mining for a wide range of processes across industries. Combined, both companies have been involved in over 200 commercial process analysis projects.

Rudolf Kuhn, CEO of ProcessGold, commented: “ABPD is a vital aspect of our consulting projects enabling us to provide our customers with results that are based on facts. We recognized QPR ProcessAnalyzer as a leader in the field of ABPD software and were impressed by the company’s commitment to product development. In addition to the scalability and performance, the product provides us with a Web UI for effective collaboration and communication, Excel client for additional statistical capabilities as well as Influencer analysis, showing the root causes and reasons for process deviations in one view. The enterprise and server environments ensure the robustness of the software, making it a compelling tool for us to deliver further value for our customers.”

Jari Jaakkola, CEO of QPR Software, said: “The partnership is an important step in taking QPR ProcessAnalyzer to international markets. We have done successful projects in our home market in Finland with QPR ProcessAnalyzer but ProcessGold’s experience in Europe, APAC and US will allow us together to achieve global reach. Sharing the same vision, I am excited to start working with ProcessGold and demonstrating the value that QPR ProcessAnalyzer brings.”

ABPD is something that I view as really important in speeding up the development – technically I should say redevelopment – of business process. In the latest Bloor Market Update on BPM, I have added the capabilities into the basic model for BPMS software. See also my article The Process Platform of June 12th 2012 for more details.