The accessibility blog contains short pieces of news and thoughts on accessibility and usability. Accessibility covers making all of ICT easier to use by people with disabilities and challenges and how to make peoples lives easier by the use of ICT. Deeper examination of product and supplier matters appear in Peter  Abrahams publications and articles for Bloor Research.

Board BEAM

BEAM offers users with only a reasonable amount of training access to advanced analytics capability to undertake predictive, clustering and analytical functions
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GraphQL: a replacement for REST?

During our research on graph databases, one particular piece of open source software has come up repeatedly: GraphQL. But what is GraphQL, really? What are its benefits, and where did it come from? And can it really compete with REST?

Diary Location Field Past its Sell by Date

The location field in electronic diaries has not changed in over 20 years. It is inadequate to support modern integrated apps and accessibility requirements. I was an early adopter of Personnel Digital Assistants (PDA). In 1997 I was working for…