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BMC acquires Compuware (Post)

Published: 10th June 2020 | Author:
BMC has just acquired Compuware, which complements BMC’s mainframe management capabilities with Compuware’s mainframe DevOps capabilities.

BMC – still evolving (Post)

Published: 10th March 2020 | Author:
BMC still seems to be in the process of re-inventing itself and its new acquisition of Compuware brings major new Mainframe capabilities.

BMC Exchange 2016 (Post)

Published: 16th January 2017 | Author:
There's still a buzz around BMC, although bringing its legacy customers along may not be trivial.

BMC Exchange (Post)

Published: 11th November 2013 | Author:
Newly privatised BMC seems to be telling an interesting story....

BMC releases stand-alone CMDB (Post)

Published: 12th June 2006 | Author:
CMDB has a significant correlation with MDM though there are differences. BMC's latest release of its CMDB product includes a new stand-alone option.