BMC – still evolving - A new management team and a new acquisition

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I was about to blog about BMC and its new management team, following a recent Analyst briefing, but events have rather overtaken me – the, apparently amicable, takeover of Compuware by BMC is extremely interesting, especially in the Mainframe space.

It seems that the new BMC management team is bedding in well and it claims to be taking sales from the competition. BMC itself is undergoing cultural change in “interesting times” – it noted the possible impacts of any Brexit slowdown in the UK and of COVID-19 on Italian meetings – and I’ll observe the effect of the rise of the portfolio career in, say, Sales with considerable interest. Still, I think that I still see BMC as making real attempts at being a modern, Mutable, business – embracing continual change.

It is probably too soon to assess the Compuware takeover – it will depend so much on cultural fit, effective change management, and whether key employees are retained. Still, I think the fit with Compuware’s Mainframe business is very good – Compuware brings a Mainframe DevOps capability that BMC currently lacks. The key objective for businesses with Mainframe technology has to be silo removal – the Mainframe must be seen as just another server choice for Enterprise applications – and a modern development/maintenance capability should be part of this.