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BMC Compuware

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BMC is a software vendor that offers solutions in a number of areas, including business automation, AI, security, service management, cloud computing, the mainframe, and more. It was founded in 1980, and is headquartered in Houston, Texas, though it has a global presence that stretches across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

BMC acquired Compuware, now a BMC company, in 2021. This has led to the creation of the BMC Compuware suite of tools, based largely on Compuware’s pre-existing product set but now integrated with and building off of BMC technology, particularly the company’s AMI DevOps offerings. This product line carries forward Compuware’s long-standing vision of modernising and mainstreaming the mainframe.

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Headquarters: 2103 CityWest Boulevard, Houston, Texas 77042
Telephone: +1 (800) 793-4262

00002659 - BMC COMPUWARE InBrief (cover thumbnail)

BMC Compuware Topaz for Enterprise Data

BMC Compuware Topaz for Enterprise Data provides an effective, all-in-one platform for test data management that spans both mainframe and distributed data.
COMPUWARE InBrief cover thumbnail

Compuware Test Data Management

This paper discusses and evaluates Compuware’s test data management offering.
00002647 - TEST DATA MANAGEMENT Market Update (cover thumbnail)

Test Data Management (2021)

Test data management is an essential part of the testing process. This report discusses the space as a whole and evaluates the solutions therein.
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A new episode in the life of the Mainframe

These days, you should think of the mainframe as a very performant, flexible server with good parallel processing and virtualisation capabilities.

Compuware zAdviser

This report discusses Compuware zAdviser, a service from Compuware that is freely available to Compuware customers on current maintenance.
00002460 - TEST DATA MANAGEMENT MarketUpdate cover thumbnail

Test Data Management (2019)

This Market Update discusses the test data management space and evaluates and compares the products therein.
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