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Application Quality Assurance

00002710 - APPLICATION QUALITY ASSURANCE Hyper Report (cover thumbnail)

Classification: Hyper Report

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This hyper-report discusses the myriad issues that can get in the way of application quality, as well as the tools that can be used to address them without compromising on time-to-market. Needless to say, automation plays a key role in a number of the areas we will consider.

We have split our discussions into four major areas. We start by discussing the context (continuous testing) within which agile development and testing (should) take place. We then go on to consider what we have decided to call “test planning” capabilities, consisting of pre-testing functionality such as test design automation and service virtualisation that enable more productive testing but which are not testing tools per se. Testing itself, or rather, test execution, constitutes our third area for discussion followed by monitoring and ongoing improvement.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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