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Broadcom Test Data Manager cover thumbnail

Broadcom Test Data Manager (2024)

Broadcom Test Data Manager uses data subsetting, data masking, data profiling and synthetic data generation to produce secure test data at scale.
ENTERPRISE SERVER 3.0 (cover thumbnail)

Enterprise Server 3.0

Interest in cost-effectively modernising and exploiting Enterprise Server 3.0, with AI assistance, is increasing.
THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS ENTERPRISE SERVER 3.0 Market Review (cover thumbnail)

The Future of Business… using Enterprise Server 3.0 Services

Enterprise Server 3.0 (or Mainframe) modernisation is relevant, cost-effective and avoids waste. David Norfolk investigates.
00002647 - TEST DATA MANAGEMENT Market Update (cover thumbnail)

Test Data Management (2021)

Test data management is an essential part of the testing process. This report discusses the space as a whole and evaluates the solutions therein.
00002660 - BROADCOM InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Broadcom (CA) Test Data Manager and Blaze Data (2021)

Test Data Manager is a test data management solution that uses data subsetting, data masking, and synthetic data generation to produce robust sets of test data.

Privilege Management Technologies

This Market Update showcases the best known vendors and technologies in the privilege management space.
Hybrid IT Infrastructure (cover thumbnail)

Hybrid IT Infrastructure Management Market Vendor Landscape

In this research paper, Paul Bevan outlines the competitive Hybrid IT Infrastructure Management Market vendor landscape.
00002710 - APPLICATION QUALITY ASSURANCE Hyper Report (cover thumbnail)

Application Quality Assurance

This hyper-report discusses the myriad issues that can get in the way of application quality, as well as the tools that can be used to address them.
BROADCOM InBrief cover thumbnail

Broadcom Agile Requirements Designer

This paper describes and evaluates Agile Requirements Designer, Broadcom’s test design automation offering.

Application Quality Assurance at Broadcom

In this Bloor InContext report, we discuss and evaluate Broadcom’s solution for application quality assurance.
CA TECHNOLOGIES InBrief cover thumbnail

CA Test Data Manager

This paper discusses and evaluates CA Test Data Manager, a test data management solution.
00002460 - TEST DATA MANAGEMENT MarketUpdate cover thumbnail

Test Data Management (2019)

This Market Update discusses the test data management space and evaluates and compares the products therein.
Cover for Enterprise Service Virtualisation

Enterprise Service Virtualisation

This report discusses the service virtualisation space and evaluates the products therein.
Cover for CA Service Virtualization

CA Service Virtualization

This paper discusses and evaluates CA Service Virtualization, a service virtualisation solution for both simulating and testing your services.
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The mutable mainframe

Despite appearances mainframes can be agile and can participate in DevOps and continuous delivery.
Cover for How to raise your organisation's security maturity level

How to raise your organisation’s security maturity level - the need for Security Intelligence and why it should be a board-level concern

This paper takes a look at the stages involved in the security maturity journey and defines five stages along that journey.
Cover for Practices for Enhancing Data Security

Practices for Enhancing Data Security - a survey of organisations in the UK and the US

This report is based on a survey of 200 organisations in the UK and the US, all of which have more than 1,000 employees.
Cover for Test Case Generation

Test Case Generation

In this paper we compare and examine the different vendor products that are available in the market for this purpose.
Cover for Document Content Security V2

Document Content Security V2

Preventing malicious documents from traversing networks will help considerably in preventing security breaches.
Cover for Security intelligence: solving the puzzle for actionable insight

Security intelligence: solving the puzzle for actionable insight

The extent of security incidents and breaches seen today is so high and so widespread that no organisation should be complacent
Cover for Test Data Management from Grid-Tools and Informatica

Test Data Management from Grid-Tools and Informatica

We have been commissioned by Grid-Tools to compare its Datamaker test data management offering with that of the equivalent product from Informatica.
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Enterprise server 3.0 – zEnterprise BC12

A new z mainframe arrives - and I wonder why it still seems to be a specialist choice for many companies
Cover for Identity & Access Management Services

Identity & Access Management Services

This document provides a snapshot of the current state of the market for identity and access management services.
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Service virtualisation writ larger - it’s rather more than just a testing tool

Service virtualisation can improve the agility of the business automation process as well as make testing easier. If, that is, it is managed appropriately.
Cover for Data Masking

Data Masking

In this paper we shall discuss why it is important, why you should consider using a tool, and what features you should look for.
Cover for Service Virtualisation Market Update

Service Virtualisation Market Update

This document represents a snapshot of the current state of the service virtualisation market.
Cover for Grid-Tools Data Masking

Grid-Tools Data Masking

This paper argues that using manual methods for data masking will typically be inadequate, is time consuming and costly.
Cover for Grid-Tools Test Data Management

Grid-Tools Test Data Management

As far as we know, Grid-Tools is the only specialist vendor in this space. In our view, Datamaker is the most extensive and most complete test data management product that is available on the market today.
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Mainframe Knowledge Transfer

Mainframe systems are important and the latest mainframes are innovative and powerful tools. This places a premium on knowledge transfer and training.
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