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Test Data Management from Grid-Tools and Informatica

Cover for Test Data Management from Grid-Tools and Informatica

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Bloor Research has been commissioned by Grid-Tools to compare its Datamaker test data management offering with that of the equivalent product (known as Data Subset) from Informatica. We will be including data masking, from both vendors, as a part of this comparison. We should state at the outset that the information given in this paper is accurate as of November 2013. It is standard practice for vendors to release new versions of their products at regular intervals and we cannot take account of what either company may be planning to release in the coming months and years.

In terms of the format of this paper, we will first discuss requirements for a test data management solution and then consider the functionality of the offerings provided by Grid-Tools and Informatica, before reaching comparative conclusions with respect to the two offerings. However, we should note that in this paper we are limiting ourselves to a technical evaluation of the two products—does this product have this or that capability—and not considering value judgements such as whether this or that offering is easier to use or has better online support or the company offers better training. Such details are difficult to evaluate without prolonged exposure to both products and companies.

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