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TrustPortal Hyper Automation

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Automation, whether with Low Code workflow apps, software robots, schedulers etc., is becoming increasingly important – but it often exists in niche islands, solving very specific problems. The next step is Hyper Automation: the continuous integration of advanced automation tools such as TrustPortal into any and every area of business operations.

One useful focus of Hyper Automation is to make the design and development of new customer journeys simpler by maximising the potential of both new and existing RPA robots. TrustPortal, for example runs Remote Process Automation (RPA) robots end-to-end, for process automation and the dynamic generation of digital user interfaces. It replaces the decision logic in RPA with its own lightweight decision logic using augmented intelligence, but without the overheads and complexity of integrating with legacy systems, a challenge well-handled by the existing RPA.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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