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Innovator for Business Analysts - an agile Business Process modelling tool

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With Innovator for Business Analysts, MID offers a modern, forwards looking tool for the business analyst role-oriented towards business stakeholders (rather than mainly targeting IT).

It helps the business analysts in a business to manage complexity and optimise its business processes; helps to improve communication between all stakeholders in the business process; and can be used (but doesn’t necessarily need to be used) as a basis for automating business processes.

Reasons to consider buying this product include its focus on standards based (BPMN) business process modelling from the business’ point-of-view (instead of from an IT point of view); its possible integration with the Microsoft Office environment and the SAP environment; and its support for integration with tools supporting other roles in the business process story, with all stakeholders sharing a common model through role specific interfaces. All this adds up to a modelling tool that can promote desired business outcomes and help to bridge the gap between IT and the business.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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