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Business Process Management - What's Innovative?

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Developing for the Mutable Enterprise - is "NoCode", with tools such as Metavine Genesis, the way forward?

Development of apps for the Mutable Business is probably going to be declarative, without coding, if businesses are gong to take control.
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Sparkling Logic are being SMARTS with Decisions

Sparkling Logic is a specialist software and consulting company in decision management.
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BP Logix announced Version 4.0 of Process Director

BP Logix announced on September 9th the availability of the latest version of Process Director.
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Oracle announce new additions to Oracle Cloud Platform

At a live event On June 22nd 2015 Larry Ellison announced new additions to the Oracle Cloud Platform.
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Extend Sharepoint with Bizagi - Collaboration and Business Process Management working together

Bizagi BPMS offers seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint
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Connecting with SAP - Automating business process without programming

With Bizagi, as one example, you can leverage SAP assets in order to automate business processes, with speed and efficiency - but without programming.
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Adeptia announce Adeptia Connect

Adeptia have announced the release Adeptia Connect; a cloud application run on Amazon Web Services, designed for business users to create data connections.
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Bizagi releases new version of Studio and Process Modeller

Bizagi Ltd has announced, on January 20th 2015, the version 10.6 .NET & JEE release of its BPM software.
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What you see shouldn’t necessarily be what you get.

What you see of is not necessarily what you need
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Robots Rising

Cortex relaunches itself
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Bizagi announce version 10.5 of Studio

Bizagi Ltd has announced on August 11th 2014 the release of version 10.5 .NET & JEE release of its BPM software
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Adding the Time dimension to BPM

For those of you who have been involved in mapping the process of an organisation, you will know that often there is a series time element involved.
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BizFlow Plus v12 hits the ground running

At the beginning of October, Garth Knudson, Director of International Sales and Alliances of HandySoft, gave me a briefing on the new release of BizFlow Plus.
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PNMsoft release new version of their BPM Suite

On September 10th, PNMsoft announced the release of the new version of their BPM Suite
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BPMS Solution Frameworks at PNMSOFT

At the end of last year I visited PNMSOFT in their offices in Watford as part of the Market Update Review I was carrying out.
Cover for Innovator for Business Analysts

Innovator for Business Analysts - an agile Business Process modelling tool

With Innovator for Business Analysts, MID offers a modern, forwards looking tool for the business analyst role-oriented towards business stakeholders (rather than mainly targeting IT).
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Oracle announce Process Accelerator based on their BPM Suite

Oracle today unveiled at Oracle OpenWorld Oracle Process Accelerators aimed and simplifying and accelerating time-to-value for customers' BPM projects
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OpenConnect – a “big daddy” of ABPD and more

OpenConnect Comprehend has an impressive set of capabilities that shows the company's pedigree and knowledge of their target market
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StereoLOGIC’s answer to Automatic Business Process Design

In February 2011, I wrote about ABPD (Automating Business Process Discovery). In this article, I look at StereoLOGIC, one of the start-ups in ABPD.
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Driving BPM through Models for Financial Services

One of the technical innovations that I looked at during the BPMS market update last year was around the use of modelling to drive the development of business processes. While doing the next update...
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Verticalising BPM with Adobe

In the recent Bloor Market Update on BPMS, I talked about one of the ways BPMS vendors were innovating to differentiate themselves was through a verticalisation approach. At a recent meeting with...
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Spring to a SaaS BPM and ECM world to get a BOP

One of the innovating ideas I spoke about in the recent BPMS Market Update is the concept of a Business Operations Platform (BOP). Dr. Richard Sykes, Bloor Director of Research, Services explains...
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