PNMsoft release new version of their BPM Suite

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On September 10th, PNMsoft announced the release of the new version of their BPM Suite – Sequence. Given the name Sequence Kinetics, it is aimed at rapid building and change of high availability workflow applications and intensive human collaboration, while maintaining lifecycle governance. It extends Microsoft platforms like SharePoint, Dynamics and Azure, integrates with leading ERP/CRM products, and provides unparalleled mobile capabilities running on all devices. The PNMsoft marketing term is “putting business processes in motion”.

Gal Horvitz, CEO of PNMsoft said, “In today’s world where change is the only constant, Sequence Kinetics answers both the business need for human collaboration and process agility, and the IT need for a rapid yet well-controlled process development environment.”

This release of Sequence also sees the introduction of a new technology from PNMsoft termed HotChange. So what is HotChange? Figure 1 shows all the components of the HotChange architecture


Figure 1: HotChange Architecture (Source: PNMsoft)

James Luxford, PNMsoft’s Global Head of Products, told me”HotChange technology permeates all levels of our platform providing organisations that have high frequency of change with the ability to modify, integrate and distribute their business process applications without having to halt these processes as they continue to run in production, yet maintain full governance and control of the change deployment.”

What new features are available in Sequence Kinetics? What PNMsoft have highlighted are the following capabilities:

  • The ability to write once and run anywhere through the use of a mobile portal for tablets and smartphones;
  • The ability to create a Process Wall to enable better collaboration between team members;
  • Enhanced wizard-based integration with Microsoft products such Dynamics, CRM, Azure and SharePoint;
  • A web-based form designer (called UX Studio) that supports multi-device capabilities;
  • A set of tools for .NET developers, thus leverage existing Microsoft skills;
  • Greatly improved version control at all levels;
  • In the App Studio, support for collaboration between IT and business users involved in building and changing process applications;
  • An in-memory architecture that allows switching between cloud or on premise storage;
  • Improved analytics.

PNMsoft Sequence has been building over the last few years a very complete and effective platform based on Microsoft technology to support the automation of business processes. In the recent Bloor Market Update for BPM Software, they are one of the top products and this was based on the previous release. This new release takes PNMsoft even further.