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Business Process Management - Where's the Value?

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Bizagi announce webinar on the importance of data in process development

There has been a tendency to move from being data focused to process oriented. The fact is you need to be both.
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More Impressive Customer ROI figures from Bizagi

More Impressive figures from Bizagi
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Understanding free software in the BPM marketplace - In the BPM market, a number of vendors offer certain parts of their product stack free.

How do these companies use this to generate revenue? To answer this question, you have to understand the licensing model of the "free" software.
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Understanding Bizagi’s Freemium Business Model

Bizagi was the first in the BPM market and also in the enterprise application space to support the 'freemium' model
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Some ROI stories from Bizagi

Bizago have just release some blogs about the ROI achieved by some of their customers which make very good reading.
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