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Business Process Management - Further Information

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Cover for Bizagi BPM Suite

Bizagi BPM Suite - Bizagi Modeler, Studio and Engine

Bloor has seen Bizagi become a serious BPMS contender in the marketplace.
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SOA, BPM and Mr. Potato Head

I love quirky analogies that people use to explain major IT concepts and I came across one this week from Chris Read in the PEX network newsletter.
Cover for Business Process Management

Business Process Management

Since I last did a review of the market for BPMS it has been interesting to note that many of my predictions for what would happen have mostly come true.
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The Process Platform

A Process Platform has to enable organisations to have the capabilities that define, simulate, deploy, execute, and optimize their business processes.
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Process and Information Management

Where is the data that we have lost in information?
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Process Improvement

Much of what has happened in industry in the last 30 years or so, has focused on ways that organisations could improve the processes that run their businesses.
Cover for Innovator for Business Analysts

Innovator for Business Analysts - an agile Business Process modelling tool

With Innovator for Business Analysts, MID offers a modern, forwards looking tool for the business analyst role-oriented towards business stakeholders (rather than mainly targeting IT).
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