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Email archiving best practices - a competitive overview of major players in the market

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Email is of vital importance as a communications and collaboration tool as it is one of the prime ways that business information is communicated and shared. This makes its storage and archiving a necessity for maintaining and improving productivity by being able to retrieve information as it is needed. Yet operational efficiency is not the only driver for investing in email archiving technology. Owing to the amount of business information that it contains, email constitutes the leading type of evidence requested for litigation purposes and its preservation is also essential for complying with the requirements of a variety of governmental and industry regulations.

Today, there is a range of choices to be made when deciding to deploy an email archiving solution, from on-premise installations of software and/or appliances, to hosted cloud-based services, to a hybrid mix of the two. The information presented in this report is intended to help organisations with their evaluations of the major players in the market for email archiving technologies. It is intended to be read by organisations of all sizes in any vertical industry.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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