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Collaboration - What's Innovative?

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Extend Sharepoint with Bizagi - Collaboration and Business Process Management working together

Bizagi BPMS offers seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint
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Amazon targets Exchange

AWS has announced Amazon WorkMail, a secure, managed cloud-based business email and calendaring service.
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CloudStack and OSS generally

Report from a CloudStack collaboration conference
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ITSM gets collaborative

Hornbill introduces a collaborative SaaS/Cloud platform and app store
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Russian videoconferencing

A new videoconferencing product from Russia.
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Salesforce Company Communities

A clear theme at the Customer Company Tour I went to recently was the power of a collaborating team.
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Enterprise apps for sale announces 5 million euro innovation challenge
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Huddle impressions: some features

As a previous user of Huddle I take a look at some of the features in the latest version.
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Social Collaboration Technology – an emerging checklist

Social collaboration is more about people than technology - but (good) technology is an enabler and I think I need some sort of checklist for looking at its technology tools.
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What keeps people at Fuzed awake at night? - Some thoughts on social collaboration issues

I've had a bit of an informal email discussion about what we see as the issues around social collaboration with Raheel Retiwalla of Fuzed; and some of his thoughts about the use of social within the enterprise make interesting reading.
Cover for Atego Asset Library

Atego Asset Library

Storing system and software engineering artefacts for large-scale reuse.
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Innovate2011 – Fytte the 2nd, Software Economics and Collaboration

Steve Mills as energetic as ever - and the Jazz/OSLC platform is maturing
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Siemens release new PLM software enabled by synchronous technology

Siemens PLM Software, a business unit of the Siemens Industry Automation Division, announced today Solid Edge ST3, new PLM software version
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Corporate Social Networking

It is a good time to start looking at whether social networking has potential for your organisation and, if so, what you might use to bring it about.
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ShoreTel 8.1 - Unified Communications solution

ShoreTel has an innovative approach to providing UC solutions based around its distributed ShoreGear voice switches.
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Business Drivers for Unified Communications - in the Financial Industry

These estimates strongly suggest that companies in the financial sector stand to make significant gains through a strategic commitment to UC.
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Business Drivers for Unified Communications - in the Manufacturing Industry

These figures offer compelling evidence that organisations in the manufacturing sector should act swiftly to make a strategic commitment to UC.
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Unified Communications - for the enterprise

We are approaching the end of the UC hype cycle as we move to early mainstream adoption; and are now are witnessing a convergence of industry promises and the ability to deliver.
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Recommind’s new software now available in Britain

US-based Recommind supplies software for law firms and legal departments. The latest release of its MindServer software allows the integration ('federation') of results from other search software. It is now available in the UK.
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ISYS broadens the value of search

A more detailed look at Australian company, ISYS Search Software and its search and discover capabilities.
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