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Collaboration - Further Information

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Cover for Project Social (eBook)

Project Social - Why is it essential for Workforce Wellness?

OpusView enables collaborative workforce wellness.
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Tom Wolff’s Newsletter

Tom Wolff's Newsletter is mostly about collaborative communities; and more about People and Process than technology and software.
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Enterprise Architecture - an educational resource for collaborative enterprise development

Enterprise Architecture should be a way to ensure that software development aligns with business strategy - that all stakeholders are collaborating on business outcomes - but whether it achieves this isn't always obvious to developers.
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What keeps people at Fuzed awake at night? - Some thoughts on social collaboration issues

I've had a bit of an informal email discussion about what we see as the issues around social collaboration with Raheel Retiwalla of Fuzed; and some of his thoughts about the use of social within the enterprise make interesting reading.
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New Social Collaboration responsibility at Bloor - David Norfolk is taking over responsibility for Social Collaboration at Bloor from Roger Whitehead

Roger Whitehead has moved into semi-retirement; David Norfolk explains his own approach to Social Collaboration
Cover for Email archiving best practices

Email archiving best practices - a competitive overview of major players in the market

The information presented in this report is intended to help organisations with their evaluations of the major players in the market for email archiving technologies.
Cover for Uses and benefits of SaaS-based Enterprise Social Networking

Uses and benefits of SaaS-based Enterprise Social Networking

SaaS-based enterprise social networking is ready for prime time but not yet for organisations that demand high security or close compliance with rules.
Cover for Netfira - a B2B software solution

Netfira – a B2B software solution - Connecting buyers and sellers in real time

Netfira have identified a niche in the market place and produced a service that provides a solution to the issue of handling all the suppliers or partners/dealers of an organisation.
Cover for Corporate Social Networking

Corporate Social Networking

It is a good time to start looking at whether social networking has potential for your organisation and, if so, what you might use to bring it about.
Cover for Business Drivers for Unified Communications

Business Drivers for Unified Communications - in the Financial Industry

These estimates strongly suggest that companies in the financial sector stand to make significant gains through a strategic commitment to UC.
Cover for Business Drivers for Unified Communications

Business Drivers for Unified Communications - in the Manufacturing Industry

These figures offer compelling evidence that organisations in the manufacturing sector should act swiftly to make a strategic commitment to UC.
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Delivering Enterprise Knowledge

Finding and retrieving information is vital to any organisation. This is difficult because of the gulf between the way organisations get at and deliver unstructured versus structured data.
Cover for Enterprise-wide Search

Enterprise-wide Search

Search gives organisations access to more and better information, boosting the value of software such as BI and customer management. The Enterprise-wide Search report explains how search works and must evolve, assessing the products of all the major playe
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