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Cover for A Jini with tonic

A Jini with tonic
Published: 1st April 1999 | By: Dave Singleton
Most of us have experienced the plug & play features of Windows 95 or 98 for installing new hardware. Sun Microsystems Jini effectively aims to do the same thing across a whole network rather than just on a single PC.…

Cover for Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems
Published: 1st April 1999 | By:
Sun Microsystems designs, manufactures and licenses processor technology, builds complete systems, and develops and licenses the Solaris operating system and associated software. Key to Sun’s future are the Java and Jini initiatives which are central to device-independent computing and connectivity.…

Cover for InterSystems Caché 3.1

InterSystems Caché 3.1
Published: 1st April 1999 | By:
Cache from InterSystems is a database management system aimed specifically at supporting transaction processing, especially where complex business logic is involved. In particular, Cache’s unique multi-dimensional capability means that it is much more efficient than conventional relational approaches when it…

Cover for Softbridge

Published: 1st January 1998 | By: Therese Cory
UK – 30 Product Set: Automated Test Facility V5.0 From test cases prepared on the TestBuilder, the Command Center launches test scripts and spawns concurrent, unattended tests on the Agent PCs. Tests are run against the applications being tested on…

Cover for Rational Software

Rational Software
Published: 1st January 1998 | By: Therese Cory
Rational Software began in the US in 1981, providing tools for developers, including Ada compilers. The company has grown over the years through mergers and acquisitions and in 1996 was floated on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Rational is now a…

Cover for Princeton Softech testing tools

Princeton Softech testing tools
Published: 1st January 1998 | By: Therese Cory
Princeton Softech was founded in 1989. It specialises in delivering data and program synchronisation solutions to IS professionals who develop and maintain critical business applications. Its software is historically IBM mainframe based although, more recently, its products are currently being…

Cover for PC 2000 Problems

PC 2000 Problems
Published: 1st January 1998 | By: Therese Cory
There is a handful of tools which help to make PCs Year 2000 compliant. These can detect the existence of a Y2000 problem on a PC, and/or make hardware or software fixes to correct the problem. Some suppliers also offer…

Cover for Mercury Interactive testing tools

Mercury Interactive testing tools
Published: 1st January 1998 | By: Therese Cory
This review covers the range of products from Mercury Interactive including dynamic testing tools, multi-user load and stress testing tools, and TestDirector, which is a Workgroup-based test management tool.

Cover for McCabe ToolSet

McCabe ToolSet
Published: 1st January 1998 | By: Therese Cory
McCabe Associates has traditionally provided testing tools based around the McCabe metrics, developed by the company’s founder and present chairman, Thomas McCabe. The McCabe Toolset consists of the Visual Quality, Visual Reengineering and Visual Testing Toolsets.

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