Bloor organises regular events for our end-user and vendor communities including:
  • Annual Bloor Symposium
  • Executive programme events such as roundtables, workshops and seminars
  • Executive peer-to-peer networking events
  • Tele-briefings and Webinars
We have found that CIOs and other senior executives are keen to engage in discussion and debate with technology partners. Bloor brings relevant service and technology partners together with our CIO and leadership communities, in ways that maximise the value to both, making them mutually beneficial conversations. Bloor events enable CIOs and other senior executives to come together with technology vendors and service providers in a non-sales environment for the mutual benefit of both the vendor and the business. What sets Bloor apart from other providers are three key points:
  • We have close relationships with many of the most successful CIOs around the world
  • The calibre of our facilitator, often an ex-CIO, will create a frank, honest, and constructive atmosphere where you can gain the insight into what your target audience thinks.
  • Being vendor, media & research agnostic, we are recognised by the CIO community as an independent voice, able to create mutually-beneficial conversations between CIOs and vendors
Bloor is happy to assist you if your organisation is running or participating in an event. For instance, we can provide a speaker on an appropriate topic from among our independent analysts or a facilitator. Where appropriate we can carry out background research on the issues being addressed. For more information, please contact us.
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Security Intelligence: Solving the Puzzle for Actionable Insight - Reducing the time it takes to detect and respond to advanced cyber threats

2nd October, 2014
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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Most organisations have come to accept that it’s no longer a matter of ‘If’ they’ll be breached, but ‘When’. In fact, most work on the principle that they probably have been breached but the incident may not yet have been detected. The key question is ‘How can our organisation gain better insight and immediate visibility to the signs of a breach or an advanced threat?’

In this webinar, Fran Howarth, Senior Security Analyst at Bloor Research, will review her latest research report and discuss how a new breed of security intelligence solutions can help to:

  • Empower organisations to remove critical blind spots
  • Achieve greater enterprise-wide visibility
  • Reduce the time it takes to detect and respond sooner to high-impact cyber threats 

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Detect breaches sooner and be more prepared to respond
  • Define a baseline of ‘normal’ behaviour across the enterprise (e.g users, applications, BYOD, networks, etc.) to quickly detect and alert on anomalies
  • “Sort through the noise” and focus on meaningful security ‘events’ while reducing the number of false positives
  • Improve their security posture and ability to proactively detect cyber threats

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