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Windocks is a test data management (TDM) vendor specialising in database virtualisation. It was formed in 2014 by ex-Microsoft employees, and launched its first public product in 2015.

Windocks includes support for Docker database containers. To wit, it allows you to create virtualised copies of production data attached to cloud-native SQLServer, Oracle, MySQL or PostgreSQL containers, as well as conventional database instances, on standard Windows and Linux VMs. Database images are versioned, and the platform can be managed using a web application, command line, and/or a restful API.

Although Windocks includes data masking functionality, it is not the focus. Instead, Windocks has been built as an open platform designed to readily integrate with other TDM products and thus provide best-of-breed masking, subsetting, synthetic data, and so on, through partners. It has already announced partnerships with IRI and Curiosity Software, and more are reportedly underway.

Moreover, it is storage agnostic, and the containers it deploys feature full compatibility with Active Directory, Windows Authentication, and other infrastructure. The aim is to render them effectively indistinguishable from their non-containerised counterparts, thus removing barriers to their use and enabling you to leverage containers and more traditional database instances both simultaneously and seamlessly.


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Headquarters: 1130 NE 140th Ave NE, Suite 100C, Bellevue, WA 98005




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