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Progress Software was founded in 1981 and has its HQ in Burlington, Massachusetts, with offices in 16 countries. It employs over two thousand staff and has over 100,000 enterprise customers. Progress has a quite wide range of products aimed at creating and deploying business applications. These include the MarkLogic data management platform.

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Headquarters: 15 Wayside Road 4th Floor, Burlington, MA 01803
Telephone: +1 781 676 5800


PROGRESS Data Fabric InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Data Fabric with Progress MarkLogic

The MarkLogic database offers an approach to a data fabric architecture.
GRAPH DATABASES MU 2023 (cover thumbnail)

Graph Databases (2023)

We discuss segmentation, movement, and trends within the graph market. We also include a comparative study of several graph products.

(Cloud) Data Management Platforms

This (Cloud) Data Management report compares platform-based approaches that support data integration to/from cloud-based deployments.
MARKLOGIC InBrief (cover thumbnail)

MarkLogic Data Hub

MarkLogic Data Hub is a fully cloud-native platform for data storage, integration, operationalisation and governance.
GRAPH DATABASE MU cover thumbnail

Graph Database (2020)

This is Bloor's fourth Market Update in this space, which discusses the state of the graph database market as of early 2020.
MARK LOGIC InBrief cover thumbnail

MarkLogic Data Hub Service and MarkLogic Server

MarkLogic Server is a multi-model database that can be used to store documents, relational data via tables, rows and columns, and graph data.
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