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Neo4j Inc (previously Neo Technologies) was founded in 2000 in Sweden although it is now based in the United States. Outside of these two countries the company also has offices in the UK, Germany, France and Japan. The company’s eponymous product is available in both Community and Enterprise Editions and is available both on-premises and via Google, Amazon and Microsoft Azure cloud platforms.

The company has a significant partner base. Notable amongst these are Pitney Bowes, which embeds Neo4j within its MDM offering. It is also worth mentioning, which is an open source graph-based (Neo4j) low code development and runtime environment for mobile and web applications.

Neo4j (logo)

Company Info

Headquarters: 111 E 5th Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94401, USA
Telephone: +1 855 636 4532


Cover for Graph Databases 2019

Graph Database Market Update 2019

This is the third Market Update into the graph database market, considering and comparing both property graph and RDF databases.
Cover for the Neo4j InBrief


Neo4j is a labelled, property graph database with a native engine that is targeted at operational and hybrid operational/analytic use cases.
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Yet another graph update - SQL property graph extensions and IBM Compose supports JanusGraph
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Graph Update 4: performance, scalability and Neo4j

This article discusses the current and planned features in Neo4j that specifically relate to performance and scalability.
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GraphConnect Europe

GraphConnect is (probably) the largest graph database conference.
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New thinking on spreadsheets

There are some interesting new kids on the block in the spreadsheet world
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What is a graph database?

The graph database and graph analytics market is increasingly complex and diverse
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The language of graphs

You might think that SPARQL will equate in the graph world to SQL in the relational world, but it probably won't
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Neo4j 2.0

In its new release Neo4j has extended its property graphs by including labelling
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Big Data roundup

Some latest news from vendors in the Hadoop and/or big data space
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