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Hybrid real-time data processing

There are multiple ways in which databases that support real-time operational/transactional and analytic processing may be implemented. This report compares representative samples of each.
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Neo4j, is a labelled, property graph database with a native engine that is targeted at operational and hybrid operational/transactional and analytic use cases.
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Graph Database Market Update 2019

This is the third Market Update into the graph database market, considering and comparing both property graph and RDF databases.
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GraphConnect Europe

GraphConnect is (probably) the largest graph database conference.
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What is a graph database?

The graph database and graph analytics market is increasingly complex and diverse
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The language of graphs

You might think that SPARQL will equate in the graph world to SQL in the relational world, but it probably won't
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Big Data roundup

Some latest news from vendors in the Hadoop and/or big data space
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