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Exasol was founded in 2000, entering the commercial market in 2008, coming to prominence in the same year, when it topped the TPC-H benchmarks for both performance and price/performance. It has continued to do so ever since, and it currently leads on this metric in all published results. The company is privately funded and has its headquarters in Germany. Further offices are in the UK, USA (where the company has multiple offices) and France.

The company targets three major use cases: data warehouse modernisation/replacements, for which Exasol offers pre-developed scripts; in-database data science; and BI acceleration. While the technology is applicable across all industries the company has had particular success in retail, financial, healthcare and sports analytics. It has more than 200 customers world-wide, many of which are household names.

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Telephone: +49 911 23991-0

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Exasol is a massively parallel, shared-nothing, columnar (with compression), in-memory data warehousing solution.
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Options for analytic databases and warehouses

This is a comparative analysis of products/vendors within the data warehouse and analytics platform space.
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