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EXASOL is a German company that is angel funded. It was founded in 2000 as a spin-off from a parallel computing project at Jena University. EXASolution was first released in 2008 but the company was initially slow to acquire customers, primarily because it was historically focused on its technology and ignored marketing. However, this has changed over the last few years since a new management team was appointed and the company now has a growing user base that includes companies such as Sony Music and Olympus.

On a geographic basis, EXASOL is primarily focused on the German, Austrian and Swiss markets though it is also active in Eastern Europe and has partners in Japan, France and Israel. The company is planning to open an office in the UK in the near future. It has a number of important partnerships including Theobald Software, which is a supplier of SAP (ERP and BW) interfaces, providing 1-to-1 access to SAP data, which is resold by EXASOL as Xtract EXA; Zeitsprung GMBH, who are experts at analysing production data; SHS Viveon, which is a consultancy specialising in customer management solutions; and Magato, which is a consultancy that focuses on campaign management and market/customer segmentation in the financial services and automotive sectors. The company also has technology partnerships with NetApp, Talend, Cognos (IBM), Blue Yonder, Microsoft, Open Text, SAS and MicroStrategy amongst others.

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