State of the Cloud YouTube Series - The Cloud Therapist and Bloor discuss key Cloud topics

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For the past few months, I have been discussing, debating and arguing over a range of current Cloud topics with Richard Simon, a.k.a. The Cloud Therapist.

Richard is a well-known blogger, speaker and passionate Cloud Native enthusiast. He is also Chief Technology Officer at T-Systems which gives him an up-close and personal insight into how Cloud Native Technologies are being applied in businesses.

On the other hand, I started my IT life with Burroughs in the world of mainframes and have lived and worked (and survived) through the myriad changes that have impacted not only our own industry, but also business and society in general.

I’m pleased to say that we can now bring these discussions to the Bloor website. We try to keep them light and informative and temper the sometimes breathless Cloud Native narrative with a pragmatic understanding of the challenges of the Cloud journey for the majority of IT teams out there…and have fun doing it.

The first few are available below and we will keep it updated with our latest monthly rant as it comes out. We hope you enjoy them and find them engaging.