Bizagi announce Process Xchange

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Bizagi have recently announced the release of its newly rebranded Process Xchange. Bizagi Studio has for some time contained an ability to load a set of pre-defined processes. This announcement is a rebranding along the same lines as their highly successful Widget Xchange.

Widget Xchange contains 9 different widgets covering 3 charts, 2 financial widgets including the Yahoo Currency Exchange Calculator, Google Maps and utilities including a bar code generator.

Process Xchange offers users the opportunity to download complete process maps or ready-made process applications which they can install within Bizagi Studio, supported by Bizagi’s distinctive and impressive self-help videos and user guides. The processes offered covered include:

  • Access management, ITIL based
  • Change management, ITIL based
  • Accounts payable
  • Petition, claims management
  • Help Desk
  • Offboarding
  • Sales opportunity management

Jolanta Pilecka, Bizagi CMO, commented: The launch is exciting for two reasons. First, the breadth of apps available. From HR and Finance to Operations Management and Compliance, we’re all about addressing real-life challenges. Secondly, the level of investment. Our Community has truly played a part in this, involving everyone from third party consultants to big name customers and academics. This has taken some serious investment to make it work.”

At the core of the apps are reuse capabilities—whether it be a process, model, UI or widget—each element can be picked up and quickly customised to the needs of different projects and verticals; something that is critical to successful enterprise-wide BPM initiatives.