Bizagi release new vesion of BPM Suite

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Bizagi announced today the release of the new version (10.4) of BPM Suite. There is, as usual, both a .NET and a J2EE version of this release. Gustavo Gomez, Bizagi CEO, commented, “Today’s release is particularly significant as 90% of improvements came as a direct result of our 150,000-strong user community. The new release of Bizagi BPM Suite has significantly enriched the user experience, whilst at the same time modernized several elements to allow more business users to get directly involved in process modelling and automation.”

Other new functionality includes the addition of scrollable record views, replacing traditional static tables to deliver a much improved user experience, much like flipping through the pages of a book. There has also been improvements in version control and there is its all-new reporting tools, which have been completely re-engineered to deliver a modern user experience on desktops and iPads

There is also support for the JBoss 6.2 Enterprise Application Platform, which delivers a host of minor enhancements including support for more languages, APIs for Collections and Math calculations, more control over process definition on mobile devices, and simplified faster mobile log-in.

So, more functionality delivered under Bizagi’s freeware contract.