HandySoft change their name to BizFlow Corp

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On March 11th, HandySoft formally announced a change of name to BizFlow Corp

Daniel Myung, CEO, said, “We are excited about the change in name to BizFlow Corporation. Since 1999, the name has been associated with our BizFlow BPM Suite. Today BizFlow BPMS is used by hundreds of companies around the world for developing applications that improve the way they do business. These great customers know us better by the name BizFlow than by HandySoft as many are supported by our reseller and system integrator partners. In addition, the market recognizes BizFlow as a strong brand symbolizing agility, innovation, and workflow automation.”

With the name change to BizFlow Corp, they are planning to focus on BPM product and process innovation through the full lifecycle of business transformation. They stated that they will combine BizFlow BPMS with their proven RAPID methodology to link the speed of Kaizen and Lean Six Sigma methods to strategy integration, enterprise process alignment, and results.

As HandySoft operate in many parts of the world through resellers, many of their customers are more familiar with the name BizFlow than HandySoft and therefore this change makes sense. What will be important is to see BizFlow Corp take advantage of this change to market and sell more effectively outside of the US base.