QPR go full BPM with the latest release of QPR Suite 2012

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In a webinar on November 21st, QPR unveiled the latest version of QPR Suite. Some of you who have been following me this year may remember the articles that I have written about QPR’s ABPD product, ProcessAnalzer. Over 2011, I have had a number of calls with QPR and received various dropped hints about what they had planned for the new release of the Suite.

QPR Software Group has three companies providing software and/or services: mother company QPR Software Plc and subsidiaries QPR Software Oy and Nobultec Ltd. Their headquarters are in Helsinki, Finland and they sell direct only in Finland, Russia and CIS countries, using a network of local partners in over 50 countries worldwide to sell and distribute elsewhere. QPR Software Plc is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd (ticker QPR1V). The company’s product development focuses on further development of existing products and building innovations aimed at process development.

So what about QPR Suite 2012? Maija Erkheikki, the Vice President for QPR’s International Software Sales, said “With this next version of the QPR product family we offer our customers a better, more stable and enhanced platform for executing strategy and improving operations under the banner of “Process Excellence from Planning to Results!”

One of the things that I have found impressive about QPR is that you can buy the whole thing from them or you can buy just what you need. So it is no surprise that QPR Suite 2012 is made up of 4 of their existing products:

  • QPR ProcessAnalyzer – this is QPR’s ABPD product, which I have written about this year. Using data stored in operative business systems, QPR ProcessAnalyzer re-creates processes exactly as they occur in reality. It is cloud-based and users can connect to vitually any cloud-based or on-premise system. There is also a special version that works with SAP.
  • QPR EnterpriseArchitect – this QPR’s process modelling designer tool. This is a further development of QPR’s ProcessGuide. QPR have expanded this to support Enterprise Architecture needs. There is an open meta model that allows users to customise. Support for the following standards is available – TOGAF, ArchiMate, Zachman and UML as well as BPMN.
  • QPR ProcessDesigner – this is the process modelling tool supporting BPMN standards. In addition it offers support for multiple process-oriented management initiatives and methods, such as quality management, regulatory compliance, Business Process Analysis and Business Activity Monitoring
  • QPR Metrics – this is QPR’s analytics tool. This release sees the introduction of support for Gantt charts as well as a new measurement timeframe, allowing the user to define their own and also improvements to the dashboard, which include dynamic content trigger support.

Erkheikki stated: “Although all QPR Suite 2012 products are essentially stand-alone, when combined they form a solid entity, helping systematically to improve operations and achieving continuously better results. They are available to customers either as licenses or subscriptions.”

This release of QPR Suite is a major increase in the support for automating processes by QPR. While still keeping their capability for customers to buy what they want from the portfolio, all the products inside the Suite work together. Bloor sees this as a major step by QPR into the big league.