Googling BPMS with Cordys

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May 8th saw Cordys make the announcement that they had joined the Google Enterprise Partner program and were delivering structured workflow capabilities to the Google Apps suite of communication and collaboration tools. Cordys Process Factory for Google Apps provides support for organizations of any size using Google Apps as part of their core business processes and projects. What you therefore get is an ‘in the cloud’ ability to use a BPM tool on existing unstructured collaborations and convert unstructured data from Google Docs spreadsheets to structured datasets and applications. Thus delivering the benefits of using BPMS to achieve agility and flexibility for business solutions but at a much reduced TCO!

Jan Baan, founder and CEO of Cordys, said: “This solution fundamentally changes the way software will be developed and deployed. For too long now, the power user has been excluded from the development of Web applications, which has served to slow down the uptake of the technology at the corporate level. The current market climate is certainly one which requires a new way to address business challenges.”

Although not stated specifically in the press release, this will allow users of this interface to build applications in the cloud which not only use Google Apps to front end and collaborate but to integrate with in-house business applications as well as those that may themselves be in the cloud. What Cordys provide is the glue in the form of a business operations platform, which allows the user organisation to define its processes in the cloud; therefore paying only for what resources they use. This is then combined with an integration capability that faces both ways: to the past in terms of the applications which run businesses; and to the present and future in terms of collaborative applications that run in the cloud.

Here’s to a brave new world.