HandySoft introduce Dynamic Business Application functionality for BizFlow 11.3

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HandySoft Global Corp announced on July 15th 2008 the release of BizFlow 11.3. This new release provides enhanced visibility and productivity for business users and managers, while offering Project Management Office and IT level users the ability to deliver automated processes faster and more cost-effectively.

Dynamic business applications is a term coined by Forrester analysts, John R. Rymer and Connie Moore, to describe a “new generation of enterprise software that adapts to the business and its work and evolve with it”. These applications are dsigned for people through close alignment with business processes and work and built for change to support agility and flexibility.

Designed for both business users and IT professionals and built to support dynamic business environments, BizFlow 11.3 offers drill-down capabilities, critical path identification and analytics, as well as enhanced dynamic process automation. HandYSoft see that each of these is key to providing capabilities so that users have the ability to deploy business processes that adapt to and evolve with an organization’s changing business environment.

BizFlow 11.3 provides the necessary support to discourage the need for business process analysis through its support for dynamic process development. It can handle all varieties of process from the structured paper-based process to the ad-hoc email task-oriented process, whilst delivering the value of traditional BPM in terms of control, visibility and productivity.

Bruce McLeod, CEO of HandySoft Global said, “With BizFlow v11 Series, users can build applications for rapid modification and execution, variable conditions, and short-lived situational needs. They can also conceptualize process information for real-time executive monitoring and decision-making.”

Bloor are currently working on the update of the BPMS market update. So watch this space for further information on HandySoft and other BPMS tools.