Why oh why oh why oh (RSDC Fytte 3)

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So, RSDC has this team of hero programmers fighting the Dark
Side of programming—using the Sword of Jazz and the Shield—or hiding behind
something looking like a success,
it does occur to me that finding a million people on the Net to use something
new and different, just because it is new and different, wouldn’t be hard. My
personal metric for the success of virtual community environments, BTW, is when
I’m no longer expected to carry little squares of cardboard around with me, with
my name and contact details on them

I did make a straw poll on serious Second Life usage at an
Analyst Breakfast at RSDC at which some users were talking to us but this wasn’t
terribly conclusive. This was partly because 45% Second Life usage on a sample
of 3 isn’t terribly statistically significant; and partly because I mostly
couldn’t hear what anyone was saying over the noise of breakfast anyway. At
least that’s a problem I wouldn’t have if we’d met in Second Life; but I doubt
if the Eggs Benedict are very good there.

So, I’m left wondering about Second Life and virtual
communities as a serious developer’s tool—I’m not quite convinced yet. IBM
is investing serious money in its own virtual island, I believe—now I need to
actually meet some of the serious developers that are supposed to live on it. I
hope to get my Second Life account re-invigorated RSN—but if any of them
still read legacy blogs like this, perhaps they could drop me a line!


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