Metastorm make another acquisition

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Metastorm announced on December 4th 2007 that they had acquired Spotlight Data. Spotlight Data are a software company specialising in process data collection and analysis. They have a piece of software for collecting and analysing process data and metrics on human-centric business activities.

Spotlight Data software dynamically adapts to user responses and prompts the user with questions that capture relevant cause and effect insights into process activities as they unfold. Users capture data through a handheld PDA or on their PC as they engage in activities, ensuring that the data is timely and accurate. The user-driven nature of the product reduces the need for costly consulting analysis and eliminates the need to have external observers document process activities—instead process details are recorded by those who are closest to the activities and really know the details of what is taking place. This ‘hands on’ approach to process discovery results in a more accurate view of the process, as well as involving process participants in business improvement activities early in the cycle, easing the impact of change management issues.

Re-branded as Metastorm Discovery, this tool will allow Metastorm customers to capture information about all steps in a process—including manual and off-line activities. This data can be used as input for modelling an “as is” process and analysing potential improvements in the Metastorm ProVision software—with the goal of optimising the process to meet specific strategic objectives, such as minimising costs, accelerating response time, or improving productivity. The optimised process can then be deployed and automated through Metastorm BPM.

The acquisition of Spotlight Data closely follows Metastorm’s acquisitions of Process Competence in November 2007 and Proforma Corporation in August 2007. Each of these acquisitions contributes to Metastorm’s overall strategy of delivering an end-to-end platform for process improvement and helping its customers unify strategy, analysis and execution across the enterprise.