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The Azul Platform for Java

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There are three parts of the Azul Platform. Azul Core offers an alternative to Oracle Java that is functionally equivalent, cheaper to implement and with a similar or better release schedule to that of Oracle. It separates essential security patches, which you probably want to implement quicly, from more general patches/updates, which you may well want to test more thoroughly (and/or delay until reports have come back from early implements, in case of unanticipated impacts on your applications). Azul also offers a performance Java, Azul Platform Prime. Standard Java is effective in many applications but it may have issues at extreme scale or where consistancy of response or performance (low latency) is essential. The Azul Java Platform also provides Azul Vulnerability Detection, which maintains a knowledge base containing “fingerprints” of known vulnerabilities found in the NIST National Vulnerability Database.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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