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Silwood Safyr

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Silwood Safyr is a software product which supports customers who need to exploit metadata in their ERP and CRM systems. It is a metadata discovery, visualisation and curation solution for ERP and CRM applications from SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and Salesforce.

The biggest trend in IT today is, arguably, about being able to exploit enterprise data. And data catalogues are at the heart of that. They enable you to identify what data you have available to you in the first instance. And then, in conjunction with data governance and similar tools, they allow you to curate and manage your data so that it can be trusted to be accurate and complete. But, and it is a big but, understanding complex ERP/CRM as a part of this process is non-trivial. On the other hand, it absolutely needs to be included in this process. Fortunately, Silwood’s aim has always been to hide the complexity of the underlying environment so that you don’t need detailed technical knowledge of your ERP/CRM deployment in order to reach this understanding.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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