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The company is UK-based and is privately owned and funded. It was founded in 1992 and was originally a reseller for Logic Works and its ERwin data modelling tool. Indeed, Silwood built the UK and European market for ERwin. However, after Logic Works went public in 1995 and, more particularly, after it was acquired by Platinum Technologies in 1998 (and later by CA), Silwood Technology sought to establish its own unique position in the enterprise modelling space. As a result, in the late 90s the company was looking for new markets and ultimately launched Safyr in 2002.

Silwood uses both direct and indirect routes to market. In the latter category the company has a number of blue chip partners, both resellers and OEMs, notably CA, IBM, ASG (Allen Systems Group), Adaptive and Pitney Bowes (in the Sagent ETL tool) as well as go-to-market partners such as Sybase, Informatica, Embarcadero, Grid-Tools, IPL and Visual Metrics. Also, as previously mentioned, Silwood is a certified partner of both SAP and Oracle and has achieved the Informatica Marketplace Seal of Approval. It also has overseas partners in both Canada and the United States.

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Silwood enhances catalogues

Using Safyr to support data catalogues is an idea that makes obvious sense.
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Data and applications

We hear increasingly about "the data-driven enterprise", where information is regarded as more and more critical to decision making.
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Safyr provides a deep understanding of ERP environments including SAP R/3, SAP BW and all of Oracle's major ERP and CRM packages.
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