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Data Governance - What's Changed?

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Informatica acquires GreenBay

After making an investment in the company back in 2019, Informatica has now announced the acquisition of GreenBay Technologies.
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Append-only databases and the GDPR conundrum

How do you apply the right to erasure (a GDPR requirement) if you use an append-only database? Short answer: you can’t.
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Addressing the GDPR issue - Patterns and Antipatterns for success

Addressing GDPR for business benefit rather than as a cost
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Acquisitions of governance

Informatica has acquired Diaku. A second recent acquisition of a data governance provider suggests that these may be the first acquisitions of many.
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ERwin runs free - just in time to take on the GDPR problem, perhaps

ERwin has just been spun out from CA Technologies
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Comfort zones

Stories are becoming broader and that doesn't necessarily make life easier
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Embarcadero acquires ERwin – more news

Embarcadero comments on acquisition
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News from the world of data modeling

Embarcadero acquires ERwin
Cover for Data Governance 2013

Data Governance 2013

The market for data governance is diffuse. Historically, there have been, and remain, several different sectors...
Cover for Thinking holistically about query environments

Thinking holistically about query environments

This paper is about how business intelligence complements analytic processes and applications - and how both of these are complemented by data governance.
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Trillium Software System v13 and TrilliumApps

Trillium Software has recently launched TrilliumApps: this could change the face of the software industry.
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DataFlux Data Management Platform

DataFlux's Unity project is about to come to fruition
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The Informatica Event

Comments from Informatica's recent analyst conference
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Kalido gets busy

Kalido has become very active over the last few months
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HP DRAGON – Smaug or Y Ddraig Goch?

HP Data Retention and Guardian Online (HP DRAGON) is a solution primarily aimed at fulfilling the needs of the EU Data Retention Directive (EU DRD), as well as similar communications data retention...
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Surfing in Hawaii

Kalido has announced the Kalido KONA Information Appliance. Of course, as you will know, Kona is the word for capital in Hawaiian and, since the appliance is based on the Netezza TwinFin, the...
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Trends in Master Data Management

MDM and data quality have always been closely aligned but three recent announcements have emphasised that point even more. Each of them involves a larger vendor leveraging the efforts of a smaller,...
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