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This page was archived on 11th March, 2019 and is no longer actively maintained.

Accessibility - Where's the Value?

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A Day in the Life of Apple Watch 3

A year ago I wrote about my new Apple Watch 2, recently I got an Apple Watch 3 so it is time for a day in the life of Apple Watch 3.
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Accessibility of 2015 iMac

New features of the 2015 iMac improve accessibility. Including Retina display and new keyboard and trackpad.
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Apple Pay a boon to people with disabilities - Excellent usabilty can lead to excellent accessibility

Apple Pay is easier to use and more secure than contactless cards, it also provides specific benefits to people with disabilities.
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Stylish Documents are Best – A Rant

Word processors have powerful tools that make it easy to create elegant and accessible documents. Many people do not know how to use them which is a disaster.
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Affordable computing for the blind and vision impaired

OpenOffice now Supports NVDA creating an affordable package for users of screen readers
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Nina the mobile accessibility assistant

Nina from Nuance is a virtual assistant for mobile applications that uses voice as the primary input and output. Will it be used by people with disabilities?
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Eye Tracking on smart phones and tablets

Eye tracking for smartphones and tablets using built-in camera
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New iMac for 2012 – accessibility features

New design creates a faster sleeker machine with several accessibility benefits built-in.
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Training for Web Accessibility

New course introduces Web Accessibility simply, quickly and inexpensively.
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Accessibility of iPhone 5 with iOS 6

Overall iOS 6 and iPhone 5 provide an impressive set of accessibility features, a few small changes could make them even better.
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Web Accessibility Code of Practice

The new standard from the British Standards Institute encapsulates the current understanding of best practice in web accessibility.
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