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Sparsity Technologies

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Sparsity Technologies is based in Barcelona. It has existed since 2010, when it was spun off from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia to commercialise Sparksee, its core product. Sparksee itself has existed since 2006 (although it was called DEX until 2014) and was originally created at the aforementioned university. Notably, Sparsity Technologies still offers evaluation, research and development licenses for Sparksee free of charge. The company also participates in the LDBC (Linked Data Benchmark Council), an effort to introduce standardised benchmarks for graph databases.


Company Info

Headquarters: C/ Jordi Girona 1-3, Barcelona, Catalonia, 08034, Spain
Telephone: +34 934 01 74 96


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GRAPH DATABASES MU 2023 (cover thumbnail)

Graph Databases (2023)

We discuss segmentation, movement, and trends within the graph market. We also include a comparative study of several graph products.
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Graph Database (2020)

This is Bloor's fourth Market Update in this space, which discusses the state of the graph database market as of early 2020.
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Sparsity Technologies Sparksee

Sparsity Technologies Sparksee is a property graph database that focuses on high performance deployment at scale and on embedded systems.
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