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Qlik was founded in Sweden in 1993 to provide data exploration/analysis and visualisation, currently through its Qlik Sense product. The company is privately owned by the venture capitalists Thomas Bravo, with headquarters in the United States. There are 57 offices worldwide.

In recent years Qlik has made a number of acquisitions, most notably, with respect to the Data Integration Platform: Attunity and Podium Data. The former was itself founded in the nineties and has historically been a market leading provider of both change data capture (CDC), and data warehouse automation. Podium, on the other hand, was created to provide data cataloguing and data preparation capabilities. The Qlik Data Integration Platform is essentially a melding of the capabilities of these two acquisitions. While of course the platform integrates with Qlik’s analytic products it is developed for, and targeted at, general-purposes environments that includes support for rival BI products such as Tableau and Power BI.

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Headquarters: Qlik Technologies Inc., 211 South Gulph Road, Suite 500, King of Prussia, PA 19406, USA
Telephone: +1 (888) 828 9768


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(Cloud) Data Management Platforms

This (Cloud) Data Management report compares platform-based approaches that support data integration to/from cloud-based deployments.
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Qlik Data Integration Platform

The Qlik Data Integration Platform is essentially a melding of the capabilities provided through the acquisitions of Podium Data and Attunity.
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Data Assurance

This report is about assuring the quality and provenance of your data from both internal and external perspectives.
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