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Objectivity Inc is a California-based company that was founded in the late ‘80s. Its object-oriented database Objectivity/DB was first made publicly available in 1990 and it was the first company to claim a petabyte scale (distributed) database implementation, at CERN, in the mid-‘90s. In the early part of the last decade the company introduced InfiniteGraph as a graph layer implemented on top of Objectivity/DB but this has since evolved into ThingSpan. The principle difference between the two is that while InfiniteGraph was a layer on top of the database, ThingSpan is built directly into the database engine.

Objectivity tends to market its database first and ThingSpan second. However, it would be doing the product an injustice to call it a database that supports graphs like, say, Oracle or Db2: it is best considered as a genuine graph database. In this context (and this also applies to Objectivity itself) the company is focused on very large graphs (billions of nodes) that are often refreshed in real-time and where analysis and traversal needs to be run across the whole graph rather than sub-graphs. As a result, most of the company’s deployments are in government, law enforcement, the military, telecommunications and financial services (fraud detection). The company also targets (industrial) Internet of Things environments, where it supports what is known as “sensor fusion”.

The company has a number of partners, both technical and systems integrators. In the former category are all the major Hadoop distributors, as well as Databricks (Spark), Confluent (Kafka), Tableau, and Oracle. Systems integrators tend to be on the technical side with companies like Raytheon, Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

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Headquarters: 1980 Zanker Road, Suite 30, San Jose, CA 95112, USA
Telephone: +1 408 992 7100


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