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Grakn, which is a British company, came to the market in October 2016 with version 0.1 of Grakn Core. Since then the company has released multiple iterations of the product, so that it is now in version 1.1. It is open source and free to download. More recently, the company has introduced Grakn Enterprise KGMS (knowledge graph management system). The company intends to introduce full-text indexing (leveraging Lucene) later during the course of 2018.

The company is mostly focused on life sciences and financial services companies and is already establishing partnerships with OEM providers to embed Grakn in their solutions.

Grakn (logo)

Company Info

Headquarters: Unit 22, 8 Hornsey Street, London N7 8EG, UK
Telephone: +44 (0)207 7005 888


Coming soon.

Cover for Grakn Core and Grakn KGMS

Grakn Core and Grakn KGMS

Grakn is a graph-based platform for developing cognitive and other applications leveraging artificial intelligence.
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